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Who We Are


Hendrik (Henk) Wapstra
Director Emeritus
and Founder
“…After moving to Marysville in Snohomish County, he researched the unmet needs in the North Sound, came out of retirement, founded Eagle Wings disAbility Ministries, and continues his work with and on behalf of persons with disAbilities and their families. Although Henk is fully retired, he volunteers a great deal of his time on behalf of the people we serve. A passion he will carry with him forever.”Read the whole story: Henk Wapstra Story
Kinder Smoots
Executive Director
Call to schedule an appointment or meet for coffee. I’d love to hear from you: 360.658.6093 or email me.More info about Kinder:



Katterin (Kate) Spurling
Office Manager
“…This last fall I was able to get more involved with Eagle Wings and have fallen in love! In November Kinder invited me to become the Eagle Wings office administrator (intern), and I gladly accepted! Kinder and the Board of Directors have seen my proficient administrative skills, and my gifts and knowledge of computer/technology. But most of all, my passion for people, relationships, and a desire to serve.”Read the whole story: Katterin Spurling Story